Software Development

Tiatra is able to help you comfortably navigate through the federal government’s requirements for software development and related technologies. Following those guidelines does not have to mean unnecessary restrictions on the technologies’ performance. Depending on your requirements, what we develop can be either purpose-built or we can modify commercial off-the-shelf software.

System Development Life Cycle Support

Managing new software and technology for your organization begins with managing expectations — especially related to timelines. Many organizations and agencies follow an established process such as a system development life cycle (SDLC), but other compliance protocols are often available. Operating in tandem with these procedures, Tiatra will work through the design, development, compatibility, troubleshooting and overall testing.

Requirements Analysis

In order to help Tiatra better understand what your organization needs, which organizations or other entities it interacts with, how people will use it, compliance, and other factors, we will work with you to conduct a thorough requirements analysis using proven tools and formulas such as requirements traceability matrices.

System Architecture and Design

Tiatra’s system engineers will define and design the necessary system architecture and develop a conceptual model that can be used for effective compatibility and other testing.

Code Development

Code is the key to computing systems talking to each other — and to themselves. And Tiatra programmers are powerfully fluent: JAVA, .NET, C++, SQL and those computer languages we need to develop custom applications or modify extant versions or commercial off-the-shelf software.

Data Cleansing and Migration

Data, at its core, is only valuable and effective if it maintains its general technical integrity. It is susceptible to transcription and other errors, corruption and even malicious attack. Before any data is moved from an existing system, it needs to be accurately checked. Tiatra can filter it through our scrubbing and cleaning processes before it is introduced to your new system.

Content Management Systems

As a federal agency, there is a responsibility to offer accurate and current information about your agency or organization through its website. This is seldom a static situation, so Tiatra has developed a number of content management solutions to provide your agency with compliant and updated information on an ongoing basis or whenever required.

Change Requests Management

The need for formal change request management procedures is a necessary part of doing business with or falling under an agency within the federal government. Areas subject to such change include software, applications, entire systems and areas in between. Change is more effectively manage when it is expected and procedural. Tiatra takes advantage of Change Control Boards (CCBs) and other accepted protocols to make certain the right decisions are made the first time.

Configuration Management

Anyone with access to even consumer technology is aware of how frequently hardware, and especially software, is updated. For government and government-related organizations, keeping track of such changes on such a monumental scale can be challenging. The Tiatra configuration management team maintains all previous versions of software and patches along with system address protocols, the location of organization hardware configurations and detailed records of the overall infrastructure.

Compliance and Governance

Keeping track of all of the government regulations and compliance issues, especially related to technology, can be overwhelming for any organization. With Tiatra, you don’t have to. We are fully immersed in the necessary information security and other requirements for regulations such as Clinger-Cohen and Section 508, FISMA, NIST 800-37 and DIACAP accreditation and certification.

Website Development and Maintenance

The development of a informative and relevant website able to meet its visitors needs becomes more challenging when that website is under or in some collaboration with the federal government. Tiatra can build and develop your organization’s website, maintain everything from content development to server space, and provide all necessary design and other adjustments and updates.