Who we are
Tiatra, LLC, based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, proudly serves federal government agencies, organizations that work with the government and other commercial businesses and organizations.

Tiatra specializes in a broad range of information technology (IT) development and management services incorporating solid engineering, attention to client needs, and meeting or exceeding any security parameters required. Our small yet innovative company is structured with a full complement of the necessary technical experts, working with hands-on management, to provide a high level of service and competitive pricing for your systems and engineering requirements.

Our experience

For more than 7 years, Tiatra has served the information technology and related needs of federal government and commercial clients. By specializing in all aspects of information system design and development; execution and implementation; securing data; incident response; and service, oversight and monitoring; we are the company that is with you from the beginning of the project until its successful completion. 


What We Do

Tiatra treats data security seriously. Our engineers are current in their knowledge of the challenges and threats, and they assess and take advantage of every hardware and software solution available to meet (or exceed) your organization’s security needs. From data and threat monitoring, backups and secure storage to encryption, Tiatra incorporates into its clients’ systems controlled access for those who are authorized and protection from those who are not.

Tiatra’s U.S. Government contracts for designing and developing sophisticated information systems, including those of national importance, have allowed us to cultivate significant experience by working with a range of agencies including civilian, defense and others.

Tiatra believes in using the best of the latest technologies appropriate to your project that fully meet your needs and all necessary security requirements. Always with an eye towards costs, we can adapt open-source and insider threat tools, cloud and virtual computing, security software and other technological resources as required. Tiatra’s clients are largely U.S. Government agencies, commissions and bureaus, and systems integrators and other enterprises throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.