Project and Program Management

Tiatra’s project management 2nd Generation (PM2) methodology allows us to best position the people, organizations and projects we work with for success. Through meticulous tracking, scheduling, risk assessment, quality control and cost management, all documented, all the time, we remove or mitigate anything that might prevent it.

Tiatra Project Management Methodology

Tiatra is proud of its project management methodology and its specific execution of control over those events we are involved with. Based on the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), it allows us to execute the necessary management processes, tools, performance metrics, personnel practices and administration necessary for success.

Project Management Professional, Certified Project Managers

Tiatra’s Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers, qualified through the Project Management Institute (PMI), bring the necessary experience, expertise and credentials to the projects they oversee and execute. Projects are completed properly and stay on budget and on time.

Program Planning

Tiatra’s Program Management Plan (PMP) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) helps insure that all stages of planning are accounted for and in the most optimal place at the most optimal time. They cover all that is necessary including budgets, problems (and the actions taken to correct them), quality assurance, risks and more. Through such tight planning, accurate, empirical reporting to all stakeholders can occur regularly and with reliability.

Risk Management

With uncertainty, there is risk, and Tiatra’s Risk Management Plan tackles uncertainty aggressively. All potential unknowns are fully investigated until the unknown is known — and a responsible decision using facts can be made.

Schedule and Time Management

Through a customized Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Tiatra is imbued with the necessary insight to understand, organize and manage the project tasks necessary to complete them. Tiatra’s IMS tracks all stages of the project from beginning to successful conclusion including requirements, resource assignments, performance, acceptance criteria, risk and activity precedence.

Human Resource Management

Despite the remarkable technology around us, it is the people that truly make an effective organization. Tiatra can provide multiple levels of human resource management assistance including: internal transitions, retaining contractual employees to insure the projects they are involved with are completed, and recruitment for any vacancies for new positions that arise.

Quality Management

Management is not subjective. There are formal best practices that protect the stakeholders including the federal government. Performance metrics, accurate assessments and status reports and the anticipated path to sound deliverables are covered because they are required and because they matter. Tiatra follows such best practices as 9001:2008 registered Quality Management System (QMS) and our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).

Communication Planning

Experienced organizations know that communications management involves the development and execution of a specific messaging strategy. Tiatra delivers just that: Project projections that are relevant and accurate, as frequently as required, to whoever needs them.