IT Engineering and Support

Information technology is fast and fluid. As relevant IT developments, updates and replacement technologies are introduced to your organization, they will work for you — or they won’t. Progress that should be positive becomes problematic.

Your organization does what it does well, and so does Tiatra. The level of IT expertise you require is the level we provide.

Desktop Support Services

Tiatra can assess your current systems and improve them; updating and augmenting for greater performance; logical operation and increased system productivity.

An organizations’ technology is basically thousands of elements, seen and unseen, firing as one organism. These elements: software, hardware and operating systems age and become outdated. And when your system’s security is involved, even dangerous. Tiatra tests and employs the latest updates, auxiliary software, patches and other technology to keep your systems strong and current.

IT Service/Help Desk and Call Center

Your organization has goals and objectives, and so does Tiatra’s technical support services team: Our main objective is help you reach yours. Support presence that not only corrects technical issues if they surface, but strives to anticipate them so they don’t.

Tiatra offers Level I, Level II and Level III on-site, online or telephone support. Regardless of the complexity of the problem, whether you can’t log in or your organization suffers a system-wide issue, Tiatra treats every service issue seriously, professionally and immediately. Our adherence to industry best practices, including those sanctioned by such oversight groups as the Help Desk Institute and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, prepare us for what is required to prevent incidents and keep your systems running optimally.

Enterprise Architecture

Tiatra will design your system architecture powerfully, appropriately and elegantly. What you need without what you don’t — but with an eye toward your growth and the system’s scalability.

Organizations building their technology from the ground up hold a remarkable advantage, if they are asked the right questions by those they chose to develop it. What you need is attainable, and Tiatra understands the process to bring it to you. Our clear and comprehensive process allows us to devise a dead-on technical blueprint that covers everything from file sharing to firewalls. A perfect fit, ready, robust and secure.

Facing the IT challenges encountered by federal government agencies, with and on behalf of those agencies, makes us serious players in a field where only serious players matter.

Datacenter Architecture, Engineering, and Support

The datacenter is at the heart of an agency’s technological infrastructure, and the enterprise server system and network routing is at the heart of the datacenter. Its importance can’t be underestimated, but it can negatively affect overall technical performance if it is underperforming.

The Tiatra engineering team expertly reviews and determines your organization’s technical needs now, and works with you to assess where those needs requirements may be headed in the future. Whether an organization expands, adjusts direction, refocuses or maintains a steady course, Tiatra will insure that its infrastructure effectively and seamlessly migrates, integrates, consolidates or otherwise adapts and adjust as required.

Enterprise Email Management

A mismanaged, and especially an unmanaged email infrastructure can paralyze an organization. As a form of communication used to get many jobs done, it can be quick, efficient and effective. Unchecked, insufficiently archived, haphazardly configured or archaically deployed, an email server system can threaten your emails’ confidentiality and affect your confidence in it.

If you don’t know of the email you’re not receiving or where those sent by your department are going, it is difficult to operate comfortably. At Tiatra, we  get it. Just like we secured our role as a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) and immersed ourselves in front-line experience working with Microsoft Exchange Environments and the 2003 and 2008 versions of Windows servers.

Audio Visual Systems and Video Teleconferencing

Organizations using effective audio visual technology for teleconferencing effectively are the heroes of the technology user front. Next to physical personal interaction, which in reality is not always possible, teleconferencing is the next-level, human runner up.

In addition to being efficient, personal, indisputably accurate in how communications are conducted (and captured), teleconferencing allows conducting business to be easier on families, staffs and even the environment. Tiatra offers the latest audio visual, teleconferencing concepts and solutions to make not being somewhere else, across the country or across the world, a non-issue.

Data and Database Management

For something that, in its electronic form is essentially invisible to the human eye, data certainly seems to manifest itself everywhere when piling up in your system.

The first rule of an organization living with data is 1) Not everyone needs access to all of their data all the time. The second rule, which is where things begin to get tricky, is 2) Anyone who is authorized to access certain data, needs to be able to at any time. Now, multiply that by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees and then thousands or even millions of data files, and you have lost time, lost information, potential security issues, and potential information gridlock. Tiatra does databases. Well. We offer effective, customized and secure archival solutions that places what people need where they can find it.

New Product Research, Evaluation, and Implementation

If every organization were staffed by twenty-somethings, introducing new technology wouldn’t raise an eyebrow — much less a cold sweat. But the reality is, the age range of our workforce extends decades beyond that. And frankly, the experience, maturity and level-headedness more seasoned  employees provide are some of the most valuable benefits any organization could hope for.

However, few employees of any age or level are comfortable with change in the workplace. If that change involves technology, discomfort can approach panic. Tiatra sees this every day, and that is why our clients trust us to evaluate the best technological solutions for their organizations before they’re introduced. Done properly, through research, planning, seamless integration and demonstrated need, the incorporation and introduction of new technology more easily and more naturally occurs more quickly.

Training and e-Learning Design and Support

In anticipation of the introduction of any new technology, whether a systems upgrade or just a software upgrade, Tiatra can also help you plan training your team. The more they know how to use anything new that’s being introduced the greater benefit an organization will reap. Tiatra training can be conducted in person at your facility, and a third-party location, or through several e-learning options we offer.